Polyester belt

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Main advantages of polyester tape

① The 1% constant tensile strength of polyester tape is 30% - 50% higher than that of chip baseband, that is to say, it transmits the same power

A thinner belt body can be selected without repeated adjustment of tension. Moreover, the operation is stable, the tension is moderate and it is not easy to lose speed, and the bearing load is relatively reduced

Less, save power.

② Light weight of belt

The framework material of polyester tape is a special structure of high-strength polyester fabric, with thin body and light weight, which reduces the moment of inertia and centrifugation of flat tape

Power, so that their own consumption of electricity to reduce and save power consumption.

③ Good flexibility and softness

Because polyester belt body is soft, the wrapping of belt body and pulley is good, bending stress is reduced, energy consumption is less, transmission efficiency is improved and electricity is relatively saved.

④ Quick connection and environmental protection

The joint adopts tooth type hot-melt bonding, the joint is smooth, no adhesive is applied, and there is no direction limit for operation, saving installation time.

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