Low and medium carbon ferromanganese

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Low and medium carbon ferromanganese is mainly composed of manganese and iron. Ferromanganese is the most used deoxidizer and alloy material in steelmaking. It is made of manganese ore by smelting in blast furnace and electric furnace. The density of manganese is 7.43g/cm3 and the melting point is 1245. C. Boiling point 2150. C。 Manganese and oxygen have great affinity, and can form stable manganese oxide with oxygen. In addition, ferromanganese, as an alloy additive, can enhance the hardness, ductility, toughness and anti-wear ability of steel. It is widely used in structural steel, tool steel, stainless heat-resistant steel, wear-resistant steel and other alloy steel. Manganese also has the function of desulfuration and reducing the harmful effect of sulfur. Low carbon ferromanganese can be divided into low carbon ferromanganese with carbon content less than 0.7% and medium carbon ferromanganese with carbon content of 0.7% - 2.0%.

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